Nsofu Family Fishing Competition


This is not a ZSFA sanctioned Fishing Tournament however, the standard general rules and regulations of the ZSFA still apply. Herewith you will find a complete set of rules and regulations that will be in use during the competition: 

  1. All entrants are required to be current and fully paid up Members of the ZSFA and must possess a valid individual Angling License as issued by the Department of Fisheries. These are LEGAL REQUIREMENTS. Under the Fisheries Act of Zambia Schedule 1 – Anglers who are resident in Zambia ARE NOT covered by either the Lodges blanket fishing license OR the Competitions separate fishing license.
  2. All boats and vessels used in Competition are required to have a valid registration certificate from Inland Waterways and carry, at all times, sufficient life-jackets for Competitors, a first aid kit and a whistle.
  3. At least one team member on each boat must be in possession of a legal and valid Launch Masters
  4. Each team shall elect an adult member as their Captain, who shall be responsible for the observance of all rules and shall represent the team on any matter to be brought to the attention of Competition Officials.
  5. Competition Organizers and Officials reserve the right to board and inspect any boat entered into the Competition to inspect that boat requirements are being met and that fishing tackle and fish (the Catch) are in accordance with the Competition Rules. Competitors, upon being shown a yellow flag or upon request, must allow their vessel to be boarded and Refusal to do so will be deemed that the Vessel and its occupants have voluntarily withdrawn from the Competition.
  6. No night lines, ground baiting, placing of salt blocks or chumming is permitted throughout the Competition and for SEVEN days before the competition. Violations are to be met with immediate and unequivocal
  7. No littering of the waterways or margins. This includes tackle packaging. Violators of this rule are immediately disqualified.
  8. Only official ZSFA scales may be used to determine catch
  9. Competition Organizers and Officials reserve the right to amend, cancel or establish new rules if such are in the best interests of the Competition.
  10. Any objection or challenge to a team from any other than the Competition Organizers, Marshals or ZSFA Executive Committee Member for a rules violation or infringement must be lodged with Officials AT or BEFORE weigh-in on the same day of the alleged violation or infringement. After weigh-in completes such complaints will not be countenanced.
  11. In any dispute the decision of the Competition Organizers and Officials is
  12. If any team wishes to use any other equipment or fishing method not covered by the rules (which could potentially raise objections during or after the Competition) it is in the best interests of all that approval is sought during the Captains Meeting (i.e. BEFORE the Competition starts).
  13. Any Competitor who contravenes any of the general or specific rules of the competition or willfully contrives in any way to unfairly or unnaturally increase the size of catch (i.e. skin diving or snorkeling to find fish, artificially increasing a fish weight by entering foreign objects or water into the fish) or acts in any manner not in the interest of that particular fishing competition shall be totally disqualified and reported to the ZSFA for disciplinary action. The right of acceptance of a competitor to any fishing competition is the sole reserve of the ZSFA Executive Committee.
  14. The ZSFA Executive Committee have vested in them by Constitution the right and powers to amend, alter or revoke any decision made before, during and after any fishing competition.
  15. Competitors are here advised that the insurance of themselves, vessels, fishing equipment, personal possessions and property is their sole responsibility. The Organizers do not accept any liability for any form of damage to Competitors, Equipment, Belongings, Vessels and fixtures and fittings therein nor for the death or injury of any Competitor.
  16. All Competitors are considered to have read and understood the Rules and Regulations of this event and have entered on that basis.
  17. Boat Launching, Departure Slots and Guides will be determined randomly with a Raffle system. A Tag System will monitor departure and return of each boat.
  18. Leisure boating outside tournament hours is not allowed.
  19. Fuel and boat hire is not included in the team registration fee. Fishing gear can be provided for hire upon request. Please indicate how many of your team members will require fishing gear. Fishing gear for rent is limited, so please make sure to pre-book.
  20. The Organizers reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the event due to unforeseen circumstances.
  21. By participating in the Nsofu Family Fishing Festival, participants consent to the use of their names, photographs, and video footage for promotional purposes.
Boat Requirements
  1. All boats entered into the Competition must be registered with the Department of Inland Waterways. This is a legal requirement and is in compliance with the Laws of the Republic of Zambia.
  2. At least one team member must be in possession of a valid Launch masters License
  3. All boats are required to carry, at all times, sufficient life jackets for all boat occupants, a basic First Aid Kit, a whistle and a distress flag.
  4. Competition Organizers, Marshals and any member of the ZSFA Executive Committee reserves the right to board any boat to ensure compliance. Any boat not fully compliant will not be eligible for use in the Competition until such a time that compliance is
  5. To ensure that safety is the MAIN CONCERN of the Competition and that all boats are river-worthy and are being operated in a safe and responsible manner with due respect to fellow Competitors and any other vessels on the water be they in the Competition or
  6. Throughout the Competition all boats entered into the Competition are to be moored between 1800 hrs and 0600 hrs with the sole exception of boat use in rescue and recovery situations. Rescue and Recovery operations within these proscribed hours are only to be undertaken with the express knowledge and consent of the Competition Organizers or Marshalls or any member of the ZSFA Executive Committee.
  7. Members of any Rescue and Recovery operation between 1800 hrs and 0600 hrs must meet the following requirements:
    • Be over the age of 21
    • Not under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating
    • Have at least two years’ experience of managing and driving a boat on Zambian

Alcohol is not permitted on any Rescue and Recovery vessel.

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